It’s Better to Be Late

by Kristina on October 1, 2010 · 0 comments

Some people in the business world say that lateness is a sign of irresponsibility and laziness. The same can be said about the financial world.

I feel that people who wait for the last minute to contribute into their Retirement Savings Plan are also irresponsible and unorganized.  We have approximately 365 days a year to make a contribution into our Retirement Savings Plan.  I am not sure why so many people wait until the last minute and come to the bank, and then fall into utter shock when they have to wait to be served.

If lateness is truly a sign of irresponsibility, is it better to call in sick to work than show up late?  I learned this past week that it is preferred by companies that employees arrive late than call in sick for the entire day.  Lateness IS better than never.

For this blog post I interviewed a Senior Human Resources Manager who specializes in Recruitment. Sandra worked in Human Resources at a major international hotel chain for over 20 years.  She is now employed as the Veteran Resume Writer for  Sandra focuses on Professional Resume (re)Writing, as well as Job Interview Preparation.

We sat down together and discussed the brutal honesties of our jobs and the career world.  If you are thinking of changing jobs, if you are a candidate for a promotion, or if you are just interested what happens behind closed doors, read on because Sandra is here to let us in on all the secrets that employers never tell.  Sandra confirms that it is better to be late than absent. However if we are truly sick, we should definitely stay at home.  No one (especially in the hospitality industry) can afford to have their entire staff infected with the flu.

The initial interview is very important.  Sandra puts emphasis on the first 30 seconds.  She says that it is important to smile and make eye contact.  Everything counts in the interview from the way we shake hands, to our body language, and the way we sit in our chair. It is also very important to be prepared for a job interview.

This is when a Professional Career Service can become an asset.  As Sandra prepares clients for job interviews, she researches the company and provides candidates with important information about the company’s history and mission statement.  Interviewers often ask potential candidates what they know about the company, to determine if they have in fact done their research, and if they are well prepared.

According to Sandra being unprepared for an interview, and being inappropriately dressed are two deal breakers.  This could make us an undesirable candidate in the eyes of our potential employer.  It is very important to have some questions prepared. We should always ask 1-2 questions at the end of the interview.  This shows our potential employer that we are interested and also prepared.

What we wear to an interview is almost as important as what we say. Sandra cannot repeat this too many times, but the first 30 seconds are crucial.  The beginning of the interview sets the tone and establishes a first impression. Do not wear jeans or sleeveless tops.  Sandra remembers a candidate who once came to an interview in her pyjama pants. Needless to say she didn’t get the job. Short skirts and flip flops are also unacceptable interview attire for women. Men can wear a sports jacket, or a polo shirt with a collar. A full suit is not always required. Of course the interview attire depends on the job.

Our resume is also very important. Our Veteran Resume Writer Sandra says that a resume should never be longer than 2 pages.  Our employment history should be listed in chronological order, starting with the most recent.  As a general rule resumes should list employment before education, with qualifications and highlights of each position.

It is important to always have a highlight statement or a mission (objective) statement on the top of our resume.  Other important factors are volunteer work and professional associations. Personal Interests are not necessary on a resume.

If  you have a question regarding recruitment, interviews,  your resume, or general employment Sandra will be happy to respond to all questions and comments.

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