Tax Preparation Checklist from the Tax Lady

by Dual Income No Kids on February 26, 2010 · 3 comments

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Enjoy today’s checklist from the Tax Lady with everything you need to be prepared for your taxes:

Personal Data

  • Name(s) and Social Security Number(s)
  • Name(s) and individual taxpayer identification number(s)
  • Childcare provider(s) – name, address, tax payer ID
  • Alimony – name and Social Security number of individual paid

Employment / Income Data

  • Form W-2 (wages and salary)
  • Form 1099-G (unemployment compensation, state and local tax refunds)
  • Form 1099-Misc (royalties, other income)
  • Form 1099-C (canceled debt)
  • Form 1099-R (annuities and pensions)
  • Form RRB-1099 (Social Security – RR1 benefits)
  • Schedule K-1 (partnership, S corporation, trust income)
  • W-2G (gambling/lottery winnings)
  • Jury duty pay received
  • Prizes/awards
  • Scholarships/fellowships/grants
  • Alimony received

Self-Employment Data

  • Form 1099-Misc (non-employment compensation)/ own records
  • Schedule K-1 (partnership SE income)
  • Receipts/own records for business-related expenses
  • Receipts/own records for farm-related expenses
  • Payment records for employment and other business taxes paid

Homeowner / Renter Data

  • Residential address(es) for this year
  • Form 1098 (mortgage/second mortgage interest paid)
  • Form 1099-S (sale of home or other real estate)
  • Form 1099-Misc (rent)
  • Real estate taxes paid
  • Receipts/own records of rent paid during the tax year
  • Receipts/own records of moving expenses

Financial Assets / Income Data

  • Form 1099-INT & 1099-OID (interest income)
  • Form 1099-DIV (dividend income statements)
  • Form 1099-B (proceeds from broker transactions)
  • Form 1099-R (retirement plan distribution)
  • Form 1099-SA (distributions from medical savings accounts)

Financial Liabilities

  • Form 1098-E (student loan interest paid)
  • Form 1098-T (qualified tuition)
  • Early withdrawal penalties (CDs IRAs, etc.)


  • Receipts/own records of personal property taxes paid
  • Automobile loans/leases (account numbers and car value)


  • Form 1099-Q (qualified education program expenses)
  • Medical savings accounts (name, account number, etc.)
  • Receipts/own records for medical expenses
  • Receipts/own records for investment expenses
  • Receipts/own records for job-hunting expenses (you can still be employed to look)
  • Receipts/own records of non-reimbursed expenses for job
  • Receipts/own records for job-related education expenses
  • Receipts/own records of non-reimbursed expenses for volunteer work
  • Receipts/own records of gifts to charity
  • Receipts/own records for adoption expenses
  • Receipts/own records for alimony paid
  • Receipts/own records for tax return preparation expenses and fees
  • Travel log

Miscellaneous Tax Documents

  • Receipts/own records for federal, state, and local estimated taxes paid
  • Receipts/own records for IRA, Keogh, retirement plan contributions
  • Records documenting casualty/theft losses
  • Records for other deductible expenditures
  • Records for other revenue or sales of property that may be taxable

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Happy Filing,


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1 Financial Samurai February 26, 2010 at 10:36 pm

Howdy folks, thnx for this comprehensive list! It really helps, and I will print it out. One year I forgot $4,000 in rental expenses b/c I forgot to include the HOA fees. Yikes!

2 Tim February 26, 2010 at 10:45 pm

um, the tax lady forgot to include a snuggie and a large mug of espresso double latte machiato cappuccino with extra double pump double shot

3 Anonymous March 10, 2010 at 2:18 pm

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

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