How Much Have you Spent on Clothes?

by Dual Income No Kids on September 7, 2009

I was inspired by fellow bloggers to consider how much we’ve spent on clothing this year. Budgets are Sexy did an expose on his clothing expenses and admitted that he certainly surpassed Mapgirl’s $373 thus far in the year.

Thinking about it over here in the DINKs household I realized how little we’ve spent on clothing for James. In fact, year to date those expenses add up to less than $30 to buy him new gym shorts. Aside from that he has not had a single other purchase. He is in dire need of shoes of all sorts and probably could do with a real winter jacket, so I can’t say whether or not he’ll make it through the year on that, but it is pretty incredible.

On my end, it certainly doesn’t look as pretty. I started up a new job at the beginning of the year and thus was in need of quite a few new items, having been overseas recently.

I can tell you’ve I’ve spent far more than James this year on underwear alone! I do however keep a very lean closet and buy classics that I wear for years. I’d much rather have quality over quantity, but I still buy nearly nothing at full price.

My next purchase, a pair of good winter boots!



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