Frugal Reality TV Show

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Are you a frugal moogle? Do you want to show the world your frugal stuff? We thought this looked like a fun opportunity to share with our readers. If you become a big reality TV star, we’d love a shout out to us DINKs. :-)


Los Angeles, CA (Sept. 9, 2009) – Are you the queen of the coupons? Are you obsessed with finding the best deal? Do you get a rush from getting a better deal than your neighbor? Are you in competition with your best friend and tend to brag about your cost cutting talents?

The Grocery Game and a major Los Angeles based television production company are seeking bargain hunters with big personalities for a new TV show. Casting producers are looking for people who are obsessed with living and entertaining well, but on the most frugal budget possible. We are looking for entertaining people with magnetic personalities who viewers will love to watch and, most of all, are driven by hunting out the best bargains from and

The Grocery Game has been asked to help find those people who are willing to share their compulsion of hunting down the best deal and for entertaining on a dime.

If you or someone you know would like to submit for this unscripted TV show please email the following info to!

Two Pictures:
City Located
Describe your family:
Besides or, list any organizations, groups, memberships, or websites that you use for your bargain hunting.

Please submit brief bio on how far you go to get the best deals. Also tell us how competitive you are and if any of your friends share your same passion!

Please do not make any inquires regarding the above to Customer Service at or

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