Introducing Michael, Newest Member of the DINKs

by Dual Income No Kids on August 10, 2009 · 0 comments

Hi everyone!

My name is Michael, and I was fortunate enough to be selected by Miel and James to write for them over the next few months. I would first like to thank them for this opportunity; I’m very excited to get started.

To tell you a little bit about myself, I am a newly married, 25 year old software engineer living in Northern Virginia. In addition to my job, I also go to school part time, where I am pursuing my Master’s in Computer Science. That doesn’t leave too much free time, but in the time I do have I enjoy running, music, video games and movies.

Personal finance had always been a topic around my household growing up. My dad carefully monitored the family’s money, and although I never knew the specifics of the family’s financial situation, he did take a lot of time to teach me important lessons about how I should handle my money (some of which sunk in, others…took longer to do so). I remember when I was little I would occasionally receive money on my birthday. While that was exciting, what wasn’t exciting was my dad, forcing me to put all or at least part of that money in a bank account that he had set up for me. While that was a bit frustrating at the time, later, when I was in college and needed the money, I was certainly thankful he had done that. Lesson learned. It was those types of lessons that really stuck with me, and laid the groundwork for a strong interest in personal finance.

My interest in money didn’t really pick up after college until I started working my second job; a position which offered me a lot of downtime. The only other software engineer in that building had his office right next to mine, and fortunately for me, he had a strong interest in money, and was way more knowledgeable than I was. Although I would soon discover that his risk tolerance was much, much higher than my own, he had a wealth of information that he was willing to share with me. Working with him was both rewarding (I learned a lot about money) and challenging (I had to really educate myself so that when we got into arguments about some of his more risky investments he wouldn’t make me look like a fool).

Money management really became a priority as I prepared to get married. Student loan debt coupled with planning for the future forced my wife and I to take our financial situation more seriously, and we have really benefited because of it. I’ve learned a lot along the way, and I realize that I have even more that I need to learn as I prepare for the future. Money has become not only an area that I feel is important for me to know a lot about, but it has become a full-on hobby. I spend a lot of time reading blogs, financial reports (for the companies I’m invested in) and books in hopes of expanding my knowledge. I hope to share those resources with you, and if you have anything good, please feel free to pass it on!

That is pretty much where I’m coming from when I talk about my personal finance experiences. My posts will cover a variety of different issues, from my own personal experience to basic money management techniques, technological aides, different financial vechicles, advice, etc… I’m pretty much willing to write about anything, and I am certainly up for suggestions and feedback. The best way to get a hold of me is to leave a comment on one of my posts. I’m also available via email at or on Twitter (I hear that’s what the kids are doing these days) at @michael_DINK. Thanks again to Miel and James, and I hope you enjoy my writing. Thanks!


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