Coupon Stigma?

by Dual Income No Kids on August 26, 2009 · 0 comments

On the topic of frugal, one good way to be frugal is to use coupons. Keep in mind all of the handy dandy tips that we have on our new coupons drop down page, but you also might be interested in this study.

The Canadian press is reporting that coupon clippers are more likely to be perceived as “cheap”. Evidently research has also found that if you get in the same supermarket line as a coupon redeemer, you will also be perceived as a skinflint. Oddly enough, if you are beautiful, then the perception of being cheap goes away.

You can click here for the full article.

I would have to agree at times that I’ve gotten a bit of a tude with coupons, but often from the cashier. Guess it means more work for them.

I find it really too bad that coupons are seen with a negative perception. Though I’m by no means a huge coupon clipper, and I don’t shop enough to have it add up, but I definitely manage to get an average of $10-$20 off each month. The way I see it, that adds up to more that I can put to use where I want I want my money to go.

So go ahead, think I’m cheap, but I’m guessing these days people in line are just jealous they didn’t have the coupon themselves. They could be saving a lot of money on their purchases if they would just spend some time collecting and actually using coupons.

A couple of other quick tips on good use of coupons:

Rule #1: Don’t buy it just because you’ve got a coupon, or a good deal, Twinkies are still not good for you either way.

Rule #2: In my book it is pretty much always worth your five minutes to shop around for a coupon online before you check out. You can save money on a whole range of products by just checking to see if there is a coupon available online for something you would buy anyway. Once you’ve tried it and saved, it will be hard to go back.

Rule #3: Take advantage of freebies! They abound once you are start looking for them and can contribute greatly when your objective is living frugal. Some of my favorites are Aveda and Godiva!

Rule #4: ASK!!!! You never know what coupons the cashier might have. Many retail stores have extra coupon codes that they give their cashiers. They may particularly want to help you with this if you’ve been nice. I’ve gotten 20% off just for asking.

I hope you enjoyed these tips for living frugal. Enjoy and, in my book, keep clipping!



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