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by Dual Income No Kids on July 17, 2009 · 0 comments

Depending on where you live/work, vendors selling food from street carts can be a great alternative on those days when you don’t manage to pack a lunch.

DC is still kind of getting the hang of street vendors. Hot dog stands have been an institution for many years, but the nation’s capitol is just starting to spread its wings and expand to other cuisines.

Today my colleagues and I enjoyed a lovely burrito in the park after picking up the huge wraps for $5 at a nearby stand. It was simply wonderful.

In fact, it was cute because when we showed up right at noon, with five of us, someone had noted that there must be something wrong if there isn’t a line. By the time we left there were at least a dozen people in line behind us!

Close to our hearts, Portland, Oregon is one of the street cart capitals of the US. It has just about ever type of cuisine you could imagine within the downtown portion of the city.

Help support the little guy, get a fabulous lunch at a good price, and enjoy some time outdoors. Even if you don’t save money on your lunch, the experience is worth the extra cost.

Readers: If you have any tips on your favorite vendors – anywhere in the world – we’d love to hear your thoughts.



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