No Shopping Sundays

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Happy Saturday morning. I wanted to share with folks an interesting idea that my sister is starting to implement in her family.

My twin sis and her husband are starting a no shopping Sunday policy. This basically means that they will plan their week around not having to grocery shop, or shop in general. While obviously there may be occasional times when something must be purchased, most of the time this can likely be avoided.

They are leaving the option open to spending for entertainment, but living in beautiful Portland, Oregon there are many a free activities to be had in the beautiful outdoors.

While they tend to have a nice home cooked meal for dinner, they may have to sort out brunch, as I know they enjoy this pleasure from time to time. Since this policy is more about spending time together as a family and less about the absence of spending money, then brunch might get a pass.

The upsides to this, means eliminating a day of shopping or running associated errands. It also means avoiding long grocery lines and best yet, spending time with family.

I’m still sorting out if this is reasonable for us to try as well. Overall we definitely have more of an urban lifestyle, stopping by the market on the way home or running out to the corner store as needed. It can be a great way to live frugally, as you tend to only buy what you need. This allows you to save more money for investments. I also tend to be so busy that some times it is harder to manage to get grocery shopping done earlier in the week. Though I’d have to say that with the short lines on Saturday afternoon that might just save enough time to make it worth while.

I’ll let folks know how it works for my sister’s family as well as our potentially. Overall I think it is a great way to reject consumerism and focus on what is really important once a week.



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