Guest Post: Throwing a Garage Sale

by Dual Income No Kids on June 9, 2009 · 0 comments

Hi All,

Well, its officially summer. That means its garage sale season again. For today’s posting, here are some tips from Richart, the CEO and founder of

Garage sales are a great way to clean the clutter from your house and make some quick cash at the same time. In these tough economic times this summer will mark one of the biggest garage sale seasons in history because of the need of American families to save more from either shopping frugally at these weekend treasure hunting experiences or selling off their accumulated items to help pay off debt. It’s not a bad money making opportunity, since most of the stuff you are selling won’t be worth the cash you sell them for.

To hold a successful garage sale takes just a few easily manageable steps.

1) Decide what stays and what goes. The big ticket items for a sale that should go if you want to raise some money. These items usually consist of Clothes, Electronics, Furniture, Sports Equipment, Jewelry, Handbags, and Antiques.

2) Set a date for the sale. Depending on the area Friday through Sunday’s tend to be the most popular days for a sale simply because you can start preparing early in the week and by the time Friday rolls around you will be ready to go.

3) Advertise, because without traffic to your garage sale the items will just sit out in the sun and you will realize little to no gain. So put up signs around the neighborhood, put an ad in the local newspaper, pennysaver, and of course we are digital these days so try internet garage sale websites like

4) Make it Descriptive. Descriptions in your advertisement will relatively help entice visitors. The less vague your description the greater the traffic. Sometimes an item may catch a reader’s fancy and they’ll contact you to buy the item before the sale starts but if you want to keep away early birds who come to the sale before the start time to pick up all the hidden treasures before anybody else make sure to mention it in your ad.

5) Get change and labels. Before the big sale day(s) make sure to have proper change and labels for pricing the items. Any craft store or Wal-Mart will carry the tags or you can simply use stick it notes and a sharpie marker.

6) Organize! On the day of your sale make sure to properly place all of your items within eyesight in an organized matter so that everything can be easily found and expect hagglers. Garage sales are a bargain hunters dream so don’t be deterred if your $125.00 table goes for $60.00 – its all part of the adventure.

7) Count it up! The final step is to count your financial success pack up the items you wish to keep. Donate the rest (make sure to get a receipt) and smile.

For some families a garage sale is a life changing event selling off the toys, clothes, and furniture that the kids grew up with but it will bring financial relief when you have a few hundred dollars that otherwise would have gotten dusty around the house. Again, think of it as a money making opportunity!


Richart, CEO and Founder

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