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by Dual Income No Kids on May 4, 2009 · 0 comments

James & I have splurged and decided to treat ourselves to a gym membership. We had been considering it for awhile but finally took the plunge last weekend.

While $110 a month, for each of us, is arguable a steep price to pay, but we think it is worth it.

Motivation: For James he used to play rugby and run regularly, but since going back to grad school the motivation to exercise has been lacking. For myself I have already been consistently working out four days a week for several years, so I figured that I could step up my routine.

Convenience: The gym is only a couple of blocks away and is a nice tranquil place that draws you to it. They also have great schedules of classes – thus far I’ve tried out inspired yoga, spinning, boot camp, and power abs this week. James has also made it three times.

Short and Long Term Health: Though I was working out often before, I’ve basically doubled my workout time from switching to an hour class in the morning rather than a half hour video. I can feel the benefits already.

Long-term Value: I figure that if I were in my grandmother’s shoes, at 93, I’d probably think it was money well spent. I was also paying the same for medical insurance before, which is now covered by my work. I haven’t seen a general doctor in the last five years so clearly I’m getting more from my money at the gym, and improving my health!

Relative Value: While considering the debate of signing up for the membership I ended up at a dinner party where people were talking about the price of their cable and flat screen TVs. It occurred to me that I’d much rather have a gym membership to pay for than cable or a car. Investing in yourself, whether mentally or physically, is usually money well spent.

While it might be more money out of our pocket, we are very happy to be hitting the gym.

In good health,


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