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by Dual Income No Kids on May 3, 2009 · 0 comments

So I’ve got a friend, who will remain anonymous, that kept mentioning how many things she had in her closest that still had tags on them. After much urging on my part, she finally decided to confront the issue.

She summoned all of the clothes with tags to come out of the corners of her closet and headed down to Nordstrom.

She sucked up the pain and embarrassment of returns and walked out of there with a whopping $1,600 back on credit card!

Yep, that’s right! $1,600 worth of clothes with their tags remaining. That is just from Nordstrom! She still has to deal with the rest.

Now people have mixed feelings when it comes to returns. The way I see it, most people fall into two camps:

a) those who believe in them and are good at taking care of them, or
b) those who dread them and are don’t want to deal

While I can sympathize with those who don’t want to deal, it comes at a hefty price. Both in the value of the potential returns for those things that just don’t work out as well as expected, and in the added regrets in your life. Think of the money you could be investing, and the wealth you could be building for your retirement if you just make returns instead of leaving them stored away in your closet!

Thus, as you can tell, I fall into the A group. I buy all my shoes at Nordstrom because I don’t buy them often, but when I do I want quality and want to make sure that they can be returned if they don’t work.

If you are in group b and would like to move to group a, there is still hope! Here are a few tips to easier returns:

  1. Avoid buying things that you don’t need or think might not meet your expectations.
  2. Keep receipts for anything durable.
  3. Deal with returns promptly.
  4. Don’t be shy! You are a good customer and you will likely shop there more knowing that they respect returns.

Readers: If you have return stories we’d love to hear them!

Many happy returns!


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