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So I’ve made it out of Africa and my wallet can already feel it. With a week off to recover from two months on the road I’ve been spending a bit more liberally than I would otherwise.

Additionally it was my mom’s 60th Birthday celebration this past weekend and I ended up treating for a fair bit of the expenses related to staying out at an historic spa in the Portland area; the fabulous Ruby Spa at Edgefield Wineries. The experience was well worth it but I will need to put an end to my spending ASAP.

While this spending was related to a milestone occasion, I will admit that I am often challenged from wanting to treat when I’m back at home. That is all fine and good when was coming home every 9 months to a year. Now that I’ve been back in Portland five times in one year that starts to add up.

The good news: that is what money is for at the end of the day. Unless I’m going way over the top I can feel okay in splurging from time to time. You aren’t just building your wealth for the bare necesities, right?

James & I look forward to checking into our expenses on the weekend when I’m back in DC and looking at what comes next for us DINKs.



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