Savings Tip of the Day: Buy Boxed

by Dual Income No Kids on February 22, 2009 · 0 comments

My savings tip of the day is to consider buying boxed wine instead of bottled.

While boxed wine has often gotten a bad rap, it can be a very good alternative to enjoy quality wine at a reduced price. To be clear, we are talking about what is called “bag in a box” wine that

Here in the DRC I bought a nice bottle of South African wine, Drostdy-Hof Claret Select, for a colleagues Birthday this week. When we went back to buy some more, we realized that they had the same wine available in a box.

Here in DRCongo the price difference was either 75 CL bottle for $9 or a 2 Liter box for $12. This meant that we were able to get two and a half times the wine for only a third more!

Don’t worry, there are high-end boxed wines available in boxes as well!

Plus, as an added benefit, purchasing boxed wine is also much friendly for the environment. The environmental cost of bottling is much higher, plus the additional cost of shipping all that glass.

If you are still worried about looking uncouth for serving boxed wine, consider serving from a lovely carafe and ditch the box in the kitchen.

Another bonus is that you can enjoy at your leisure. This makes it easier to enjoy just a single glass of wine rather than feeling obligated to finish an entire bottle. Once opened, the bag in a box version can last at least four weeks! This is an easy and enjoyable way to save money on wine.



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