Appreciate Abundance

by Dual Income No Kids on December 29, 2008 · 0 comments

As the year comes to a close I feel it is a great time to take stock of the abundance in our lives. While it has been a very tough year financially for most, we likely have abundance in our lives if we take the time to recognize it.

Health. Another year has passed and our family’s health is in good order. While both my 93 year old Grandmother and 60 year old Aunt were diagnosed with cancer half way through the year, both are very healthy and doing well. My twin sister is also one month away from giving birth.

Safety. I made it safely through a year in Afghanistan and tracking thousands of miles of travel.

Wealth. While we have lost a great deal of our finances, we were fortunate enough to have it to loose in the first place. We also still have a comfortable roof over our heads and money coming in.

Education and Career. I’ve now finished my Masters and James will soon be one step closer to his doctoral degree. James is making more than he has in the past, even if it is a student salary. While I don’t have a job at the moment, I am immanently employable and thankful for that.

Peace of Mind. Despite the ups and downs of the past year James and I are in a very good place both independently and jointly. Life is good and we are appreciative for all that we have.

Readers: Take a moment to think of what you are thankful for this year. We’d love to hear about the abundance in your life.

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