Back to the Basics of Shopping Savvy

by Dual Income No Kids on November 20, 2008 · 0 comments

This post is about going back to the basics for spending less and saving more.

As the belt tightens a bit, keep these tips in mind to save money when shopping for groceries:
  1. Write a list in advance of shopping.  Stick to the list.  
  2. Don’t just replace something because you are out of it, stop to think about if you need it right now.
  3. Don’t shop with scarcity in mind, one or two of an item will generally suffice.
  4. Avoid the middle isles that tend to have more processed foods.
  5. Consider making your own for items like salad dressing and pre-packaged items such as whip cream for that pumpkin pie next week.
  6. Just because it is on sale… doesn’t mean it is a better deal.  Check the unit price to know for sure.  It is never a better deal if you don’t need it.
  7. Limit trips to the store.  While there is no need to stock up for more than a week, it is better to avoid temptation by shopping a week at a time if possible.
  8. As always, make sure to eat before you shop.  
  9. If you really want to save money, shop with a calculator.  
Helpful tips when shopping for other household or personal items.
  1. Keep a tally of things larger items you might be considering.  Writing it down helps to keep it out of your mind and lets you reflect on your need and research for the best price.  
  2. Avoid impulse shopping.  This is one of the biggest areas where it is easy to overspend.  If you haven’t already identified a given item on your list for some time, then take a pass.  This goes for holiday shopping as well!  
  3. If it doesn’t match the criteria you’ve set, also pass.  We often settle for something that isn’t exactly what we need.  Waiting might give you something that you will appreciate and treasure for longer and meet your needs better.  
  4. Look for deals.  Deals abound in this economy, just look for them and you are likely to save on items you were already intending to purchase.
  5. Chances are, you might see that you really don’t need it after all.  Reflection gives you time to think about your needs.  For example, I might really want an iPhone, but do I really need one?  Probably not.  I’ve been using a free cell phone my whole life, so why do I really need more now?  This doesn’t mean I’ll necessarily hold out forever, but it will mean that I’ll hold off until I’m sure that it is what I really want.
Spend Less, Save More,

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