Inexpensive Organic Alternatives

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So you are tired of the rising food prices and worried about your environmental foot print? Check out a few handy tips on how to save money and the planet too.

According to a Newsweek article I was reading on the plane yesterday, spending on gas will soon surpass that of your monthly food bill. The price at the pump is only adjustable in terms of the amount of driving you do. However, food is something that you’ll always need to survive.

Community Sponsored Agriculture is a great alternative to rising food costs. Basically the deal is that you pay local farmers to send over their seasonal harvests. This means that you pay for a season, and get whatever is growing fresh at the time. This means that you are saving money and also getting the freshest food around.

Here in DC, the price for a Winter CSA is $600 for 26 weeks (Dec-May):
This Community Sponsored Agriculture includes veggies, fruit, yogurt, bread, eggs and lots of other goodies.

Summer CSA $570 for at least 20 weeks:
You can get a reduced price for doing some work at the farm, which is always fun anyhow. You can also find a friend and split the price in half.

Hosting a CSA pick up location is also an option. Others pick up their groceries from you – and you get the left overs. Oh, and it’s not uncommon for the person who hosts the pick-up site to get a major discount.

Grassfed on the Hill – a local resource in DC for pastured, hormone-free, organic meat, dairy, eggs, cheese, sausage, chicken and other yummy treats. You have to join the Yahoo group to participate, but you can order as much as you like. Some people order weekly, others order just once. You pay per week. Look around and you might find something like this in your area.

Capitol Hill United Co-op – this is a monthly DC co-op that buys directly from the same wholesaling companies that sell to health food stores. You can get your items for a significant discount off health food store prices. Look in your area to find out about local co-ops.

If you are interested in going further, you can think ahead for next season to consider getting a lot at your local community garden. A typical garden plot cost $50/year and is completely organic.

Other resources include: Washington Green Grocer – Organic and conventional grocery delivery. James & I tried this and really liked it, but couldn’t keep up after we both started grad school and stopped making as many meals together. :-( The prices range from $27.50 for a small mixed selection to $39.50 for a large organic box.

Spud also delivers in Portland, Oregon. Find a food co-op near you Find a Community Sponsored Agriculture near you. Another website to find a local CSA outside of the DC metro area Check out the World’s Largest Eco-Friendly Directory.

Enjoy your tasty finds!

Miel & James

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