Angry Investors Attack DINK

by Dual Income No Kids on July 20, 2008 · 0 comments

Hi All,

Two days ago, I posted my view that Washington Mutual was teetering on the edge of bankruptcy (here). Well, many people on the yahoo message boards did not want to hear it.

Check out some of the responses to my posting:

You are such a disgusting scumbag to even suggest that!

I firmly believe that you should be put away, in hard labor, with a huge black dude in your cell and thrown away the keys…

desperate shortie. cover now or YOU will be going bankrupt.

Washington Mutual is going to 8.00 .can`t you get that figured out in your small short selling brain?

you genuine douche bag, stupid idiot shorty, where you got this stupid idea with your stupid blog, by the way who is interested in your stupid blog, wamu is heading over $10, the reason it got so low is because of shorties like you, you better buy now an cover, if not you will be buying at over $10….

– Sometimes blogging can be a lot of fun!



P.S. stay away from WaMu, I still think they are going under.

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