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by Dual Income No Kids on November 17, 2007 · 1 comment

Couch Surfing is a great way to both meet folks and possibly crash on somebody’s couch. The way it works is that you don’t ever have to commit to hosting someone, unless the timing and the person both fit your style.

This might save you a bit of money (though gifts for hosts are always appreciated) and make you some new friends!

Check out the map of all the surfers they have registered!

I’ve always been a firm believer that the best way to travel is to do so through friends. Whether it be a friend, or a friend of a friend, or someone you met randomly, it’s always better to travel with some local knowledge.

They also have a great option for those of us with only love seats, or no couch, as in my current living situation. You can say that you are just interested in coffee. I’ve just made my profile as a way to meet folks in Kabul and while we are on R&Rs. You can check out my profile if you decide to create a login, just search for Miel in Kabul.

Even if things don’t work to meet up, you might be able to give/get some good tips on where to check out.

I first heard of couch surfing from a friend who lives in Costa Rica and has used this service a ton and loved it. One day she instant messaged and said she had a surprise. She put on her webcam and it was my friend from my Peace Corps days in Ghana who was surfing on her couch in Costa Rica. It is a small world indeed!

My best couch surfing (with out the benefit of the site) were:
Sweden – Staying at a friend of a friend who new me when I was a baby.
Portugal – Staying with a nice guy and his son that we met at the ATM when we discovered the last bus had left and the hotel was booked.
Finland – More times than I can count – crashing with fellow exchange students!
Australia – Stay with Aborigines that we met at their place in Nimbin. Leaving their place they couldn’t possibly let us stay at a hotel for the Byron Bay Blues festival with Ben Harper. We crashed at their friends house in a great place on the beach.
Fiji – Stayed with villagers on a small island for a month.
Denmark – Crashed with my sister’s host families.
Spain – Surfed on my German college roommate’s couch and a friend’s former host family.
Ghana – Surfed on a many a couch as a Peace Corps Volunteer.
Colombia – Family of my friend’s host family – four adults in one twin bed (if you wonder how that is possible, just thing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!)
Canada – Multiple trips to BC to visit a dear friend!

Once you are of a certain age it can be a bit tougher to couch it, but there are always beds! For me, meeting new folks is always a treat.



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How can I get verified if I am currently traveling and have no address?

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