Opportunity versus Sacrifice

by Dual Income No Kids on June 16, 2007 · 0 comments

Personal finance has a certain ebb and flow about it. Long-term v. short-term. Risk v. Security. Gains v. Losses. Opportunity v. sacrifice.

Rarely do we find situations where opportunity knocks and no sacrifice or risk is necessary. Even the lotto requires that you risk money on an unlikely chance for gains.

The question I am mulling around today is how much is one willing to sacrifice to make career or financial gains at the potential risk to personal and family relations. On the small scale we make choices of whether to stay late at the office or attend to prior commitments with family or friends. On the larger scale there are times such as my willingness to take the risks of work travel to a place as danger as the Democratic Republic of Congo. This was for the benefit of my career at the potential risk of very real security concerns.

Plenty of people make choices that result in career or financial gains against the will of their family. Note that making choices for further ones career does not necessarily result in financial gains or increased wealth. Most often family have opinions that want you to take on career choices that make more money than less, i.e. the parents who want their child to be doctor when their talents are as an artist.

I am considering some choices in my career, and am wondering what sacrifices our readers have made to pursue career opportunities. If you have any insights to share on what you think the balance is, I would love to hear.



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