The DINKs April Networth

by Dual Income No Kids on April 14, 2007 · 0 comments

The first two weeks in April have been kind to the DINKs. Our wealth increased from about $311,537 last month to $329,451. This is a gain of nearly $18,000 in one month. As near as we can tell, this gain is partially due to the following:

1) Improved Employment Situations: Miel, the better half of us DINKs received a 6% percent raise from her job. Miel has socked all of her extra money into maxing out her retirement. She is making roughly twenty thousand more than she was three years ago but has the same take home salary. James, the starving student, nearly doubled his salary by getting a better assistantship at the University of Maryland. Both of these changes mean we not longer need to borrow to fund our lifestyle.

2) Dumped Our ARMS: We had adjustable rate mortgages on both our investment property and our primary residence. We spent about $10,000 to get out of these at the beginning of the year. This movement is now yielding dividends, as we’re starting to pay down the principle on our mortgages.

3) Stock Market Gains: Our TIAA-CREF, Schwab and ING accounts have seen healthy increases. More specifically, some of the pressure on the energy trust shares we hold has alleviated due to increasing oil prices. Our accounts have been further buoyed by the overall healthy performance of the S&P 500.

4) Sold Business Inventory: Miel sold the final part of her Mary Kay cosmetics inventory, converting roughly $2000 worth of make up and facial powder into cash. While we are sorry to see the business close, cosmetics in the closet don’t earn interest and can’t be reinvested. This didn’t improve the numbers of the networth but it did liquify those assest to be invested otherwise.

See below for the details of our networth!

James & Miel

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