Financial Year in Review

by Dual Income No Kids on December 30, 2006 · 0 comments

In preparing for the New Year it is always good to look back at the current year to assess your accomplishments as well as ups and downs. Here are the financial highlights and lowlights of our financial year:

  • Established to discuss our financial insights and inquiries
  • Reached wedding savings goal four months early
  • Property tax tripled from one bill to the next
  • Miel received $10k as a gift from her grandfather’s death and paid off half of her student loans
  • Miel began graduate school and started taking on more student loans
  • James quit his job and became a full time academic and Ph.D. student
  • DINKs selected Hansens as a winner of a stock and walked away with $30k in earnings
  • James played too much in stocks and lost around $5k
  • Miel received promotion and raise of 10%
  • Enjoyed wedding and spent $20k on one fabulous day
  • Enjoyed honeymoon in Thailand for two weeks on about $5k
  • Miel received $500 for Tickton Fellowship for proposal writing
  • Refinanced to get out of an ARM and negotiated for good rates
  • Miel received $750 bonus Innovations Award for work in Macedonia
  • Miel received end of year raise of 8% for excellent work
  • Networth declined 8% over the year, due to student loans and wedding

Enjoy our year in review while we consider the year ahead!

Happy New Year!


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