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by Dual Income No Kids on December 21, 2006 · 0 comments

Yeah! James & I are now officially finance book critics. James has already been doing this for years with a pretty extensive collection of finance books, not to mention having checked out every book worth while at the MLK library.

We recently brainstormed on ways to enhance our blog and came up with the idea of asking publishers to send us books to review. James sent out a couple of requests and got a hook right away. Our first free book to review and discuss showed up by UPS last night. In the holiday season where receiving gifts is always great, it was delightful to have the package arrive.

Our first book is the Online Millionaire – Strategies for Building a Web-based Empire on eBay and Beyond. I haven’t had a chance to take much of a crack at it, but perhaps you’ll find us surfing in our pajamas with loads of cash rolling in. You’ll have a full review soon to come, but I thought I’d share my excitement about getting free stuff at the holidays that my mom doesn’t have to send me!

Happy Holidays!


P.S. Never fear, we are fully free to give our opinions and don’t have to review anything positively, so you’ll get our real opinions on the books we review.

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