America’s New Rich

by Dual Income No Kids on September 5, 2006 · 0 comments

Scientists of all stripes have looked to the past to understand the present. This holds true for finance as well. Regardless of one’s level of education, if you really desires to become wealthy, its helpful to understand how wealth has been accumulated in the past.

The absolute best overall summary of wealth in America I’ve found is a book called “Getting Rich“, by Lisa A. Keister, an academic from Duke University. Unlike the bulk of personal finance literature, the book brings academic rigour to a question of key importance: how wealth is attained in America. It also details some key reasons why it makes sense to be rich and it contains a good review of how wealth was created during the 90’s tech boom.

For more info on her book, click here.

Lisa’s webpage is located here.

In my view, most sociologists are closet socialists. So, if I were interested in gaining knowledge regarding wealth, I wouldn’t spend a lot of time reading work by people who don’t believe in capitalism. Despite this, Lisa’s book is worth reviewing further, so don’t let the fact that she is a sociologist scare you off.

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