Holiday Airfare Savings!

by Dual Income No Kids on August 22, 2006 · 0 comments

I’m excited to report that I’ve once again worked the system to our advantage!

I started thinking about holiday air travel a couple of days ago. I looked online and saw nothing but expensive tickets. Everything from DC to SF was in the $400 range, when I prefer the $200 range. I cringed at the prices and then plotted at how to get around this. Given my current budgeting, coming up with an extra $800 in one hit isn’t easy to come by.

So, I used my ingenuity and worked my magic!

  • I used an travel voucher that I got back in the winter on my visit to my sis over President’s Day weekend. I learned a big tip on that trip: if you want to plan travel over a holiday weekend and are willing to suffer, you could likely get bumped repeatedly and possibly rack up $500 or more in free airfare. Depending on your loathing of airports or value of time, it might well be worth it. In this case, I got more in vouchers than I paid for my original ticket. That means that they paid me to fly! I used the voucher for $300 and paid out of pocket $143.50 for a round trip ticket!
  • Secondly, I got a handy packet in the mail that notified me of Premier status on United after we booked our honeymoon there and I had another flight to Romania for work. This made me to think of checking availability for award tickets. Amazingly I got a round trip ticket for James at a cost of $5!
  • That means $149.50 for two round trip tickets across the country at Thanksgiving! Hard to beat that! Now that means $650 that I don’t have to pay for holiday travel! Yeah!

Safe Journey!


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