Be the Commenter of the Month

by Team Dinks

Good day, DINKS!

We have come up with something very exciting for you. We are launching the “Commenter of the Month”, where you can comment on the month’s blog posts and get a chance to win awesome prizes!

For starters, we are giving away a $5 Amazon gift card to the winner of the month!

It’s very easy to join! All you have to do is read the article and post a comment on that particular article.We do have a few guidelines for you to follow on commenting. Here goes:

  1. Read the article that you’d like for that particular month and feel free to comment below. React, give your opinion, express your thoughts regarding the article. There is no limit to commenting as some other people may reply to other comments.
  2. Replies to comments are eligible as long as they are not bashing other comments and their reply still pertains to the article read. Personal opinions are welcome, however we want to practice respect at all times.
  3. Random, incomprehensible, rude or just garbled letters for the sake of commenting will be disqualified.
  4. Praise words only are appreciated, although it will not qualify for the Commenter of the Month raffle.
  5. We will only include comments from (month and year) to be eligible for the raffle.
  6. The winner from the previous month will not be eligible to join anymore to give chance for others to win.

Please keep an eye out here as we will be posting winners monthly and request for the winner’s contact information so that we can send the prize won each month!



Thank you very much for your support and participating!

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