Taylor Haahr

Bathrooms are one of the most high-traffic, well-used rooms in your house. They also tend to be a little neglected (considering their use) and really expensive to renovate. Even though most bathroom renovations typically manage to recoupe 50 to 70 percent of their costs, they can still be an incredible price undertaking. A low-end bathroom […]

Minimalism is a lifestyle choice. Meaning it is a personal decision you make on your own. And by making it, you’re likely to come up against some people who don’t understand your decision, don’t take it seriously, or outright are against it (though I’m not sure what it is to them). But what can make […]

Making a little side cash doesn’t get any easier than tracking down used items and flipping them for profit. Surprisingly, these things are not that hard to track down and in a lot of cases, reselling them means giving them a quick shine and putting up an add. So what are the best things you […]

When it comes to money, we’re often worried we’re falling behind and not on track with what a normal person of (insert age here) should, could or would be saving. This idea is not restricted to saving by any means; you can find the same idea with the cars we drive, houses we live in […]

If you’re anything like me, you’d prefer to keep your date nights low-key and fiscally savvy. With that in mind, I thought I would write up some of my favorite cost-conscious date ideas for you and your significant other on any occasion that you’re looking for a cheap date idea.

If you are looking to forego the traditional flowers and chocolate gift this Valentines Day for something a tad bit more unique, might I suggest creating your own? No, I’m not talking about a rudimentary drawing with Cheerios or a macaroni necklace… I’m talking about a genuinely nice Valentine’s Day gift that you made yourself.

Every once in a while we find that we could use a little extra cash. Maybe we’re saving up for a nice trip to the Maldives; maybe we’d like to upgrade our car a little faster than our current budget allows or perhaps you just want a little extra spending money so you can go […]