James Hendrickson

Not everyone is born the same. Some people are born taller or with better eyesight than others. Environmental factors like socioeconomic status impact life outcomes.  One particular outcome of interest to readers of personal finance blogs is the relationship between intelligence and wealth – in particular, the question: are smart people richer?

This has been making the rounds for a while, but its a solid nugget of personal finance advice, so we’re covering it here again on Dinksfinance. Back in 2013 University of Chicago Professor Harold Pollack figured that everything you need to know about finance could be written on a 3 by 5 card. Everything else, […]

Seriously, nobody saves any more – and its a shame. Having a healthy savings givse you a number of benefits like defending yourself against a lawsuit or enjoying a healthy retirement.

You have cash to invest and want to start profiting from the stock market right away. The problem is your experience isn’t great but you want to improve your chances of making money.  You’ve heard friends talking about timing the market and you’re thinking maybe this how to get your first million. Problem is, none […]

When should you sell your stocks? Relatively speaking, there is lots of literature available on what kinds of stocks to buy, but less on when to sell your stocks. This is a shame because properly selling your stocks is just as tricky as properly picking what securities to buy.

As of the start of 2017, a single bitcoin was valued at just over $13,000.00. At this price, you may be wondering if you should buy in. Don’t. Its a bubble and you face a very high risk of losing money. But no, you say, bitcoin isn’t a bubble, its the latest and greatest technology […]

For those of you holding shipping stocks, you might be interested in learning how blockchain technology is impacting the transportation industry.

Purchasing new electronics can be a serious investment, especially if it is something you will use regularly. Oftentimes, this also means you pay top dollar. For instance, most recently, Apple and Samsung released phones priced between $800 and $1K. Many people thought it was crazy. Who would pay that much for a phone? But, many […]