James Hendrickson

The value of a coin is comprised of its bullion value and its numismatic value. The bullion value represents the physical metal in the coin. The numismatic value applies to rare coins. Coins may be categorized as bullion or numismatic.

This afternoon I was just reflecting on an interesting conversation with one of the interns from my old research center at the U of Maryland. This young man was just finishing his Bachelors degree, but had begun to make good progress towards paying off his debts and was beginning to think about saving to buy […]

Folks – get educated and learn about money. Develop good financial habits and watch your bottom line. If you don’t care about your financial health, nobody else will.

Fidelity has pretty much been beating the pants off the competition in the low cost investing space. I just heard about their latest – no cost, no minimum index funds – from a friend and checked their website.  Its true, they’re basically offering zero fee, no minimum investing opportunities.

Mainstream media has been continually talking about an impending recession. Given the fact that recessions tend to have a huge impact on your wealth, you may be wondering about whether a recession is coming – and one bellweather of poor economic times are bank failures.

I tend to spend far too much time messing around online.  This afternoon I came across a very cool website called usdebtclock.org and I wanted to share it for all the finance nerds on this site. USdebtclock.org is basically a super simple data aggregator that gives you a broad view of the economy as a […]

It’s a no-brainer that some degree of education is necessary to get ahead these days, so I’m including a list of my top personal finance books worth reading.   The list only has 5, but all of them can help you transform your relationship with money.

Since Dual Income No Kids is a personal finance blog, I wanted to take a few minutes to share our own personal wealth building journey.  My wife and I sit down every few weeks and review our budget and net worth.   Here is what the figures looked like at the beginning of August 2019. For […]