James Hendrickson

As of the start of 2017, a single bitcoin was valued at just over $13,000.00. At this price, you may be wondering if you should buy in. Don’t. Its a bubble and you face a very high risk of losing money. But no, you say, bitcoin isn’t a bubble, its the latest and greatest technology […]

For those of you holding shipping stocks, you might be interested in learning how blockchain technology is impacting the transportation industry.

Purchasing new electronics can be a serious investment, especially if it is something you will use regularly. Oftentimes, this also means you pay top dollar. For instance, most recently, Apple and Samsung released phones priced between $800 and $1K. Many people thought it was crazy. Who would pay that much for a phone? But, many […]

If you are concerned that your financial advisor might be a thief, you should check out this video from Ken Fisher.

As an aspiring day trader, it is important to be on the lookout for many different kinds of opportunities. The stock market is a big and varied place, so you need a bounty of places to look for chances for profit. That is why seeking out penny stocks to watch each day can be beneficial […]

The housing market is thriving again after suffering during the credit crunch, but it’s clear that the market has changed in some key ways. More and more sellers are choosing to reject the traditional estate agent-led selling process and look for alternative selling methods. One way to avoid handing over big fees to estate agents […]

While most smart home technology today may seem frivolous, say, self-mowing lawn mowers that will set you back $1,000, smart dental floss dispensers and the costly smartphone-enabled Furbo dog treat dispensers, there are a few items on the market today that make sense for your home. Here are a few affordable options that will make […]

Back pain is a chronic problem that is prevalent throughout the world. There are many causes to back pain, and even more ‘solutions’ that are supposed to solve your problem. However, not all of these solutions are even beneficial, and even cause more harm. Spending your money on ‘cures’ for back pain will leave you […]