James Hendrickson

I like to talk about investing and saving money. Often when I’m chatting with my friends or colleagues, people will tell me that they think money brings out the worst in people or that stock brokers are all crooks. Because of this, they don’t want to invest. As a result, they tend to miss out […]

File this posting under “good to know if you want to improve your relationship”. If you’re looking for solid, easily actionable marital advice, consider signing up for the Gottman Marriage Minute. It’s a great resource if you are discussing money or just want to improve how you relate to your partner.

If you’re a reader of personal finance blogs, you’re probably wondering how to increase your wealth. There are many ways to go about doing this. One is to make your accounts more efficient, by increasing the amount of interest they pay or by improving your cash flow through reducing wasteful spending. However, to build serious […]

Unless you’ve been away from the internet in the arctic, you’re probably aware of recent events following the killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis. The country has been gripped by the largest wave of civil disorder since 1968. The costs of riots are substantial. Past riots have cost between $50 and $446 million with scores […]

As part of our mission to bring you the best of personal finance, this article is about James Altucher.  Altucher is an American money manager, podcaster, author and entrepreneur.  He founded or cofounded a number of companies and has written 20 books and countless articles in publications like The Wall Street Journal.

The policy mandated economic shutdowns around the coronavirus have been a massive Darwinian event.  And as a result of the chaos, it looks like big tech has come out on top. Here is the latest from The New York Post. If you’re bored and you need an outrage hit, consider checking it out.

So, one of the books on my coffee table is Jane Bryant Quinn’s Making The Most of Your Money.  I’ve been a fan of Quinn’s book on and off over the past few years. Unlike many so called “gurus”, Quinn’s book is full of good ideas. Its good largely due to the fact that Quinn […]

There hasn’t been a lot of good information about which companies are more likely to survive in the Covid-19 era.  This seems trivial, but for investors it’s important.  Past histories of pandemics suggest they reoccur over a period of months or years. For example the Spanish Flu in 1918 had three waves (here). This means […]