James Hendrickson

The COVID-19 epidemic has taken over the news, but it is obscuring the fact that there is money to be made. With the CARES Act, the Federal government is dumping individual stimulus checks into the economy. So a lot of you are wondering: what should you do with your funds? Consider investing your stimulus check […]

So, the country is in the midst of adjusting to the Coronavirus global pandemic.  This will be a shorter posting, with just a collection of observations and a conclusion about the enduring strength of American industry.

The coronavirus is in full effect here in the United States. While it is still too early to tell what the virus’ impact will be, there is plenty of chatter about the consequences of the epidemic for the economy.  This includes mass layoffs and discussions about aggressive quarantine measures.  Many companies are instituting work from […]

Readers, It is the season of Coronavirus and the stock markets are in deep red territory. Here is the S&P 500 index as of this morning. It’s ugly.  The markets are down across the board – including assets like precious metals that are supposed to be negatively correlated with stocks.

In case you’ve been living under a brick, the Coronovirus is starting to hit the US pretty hard.  Its a full blown and legitimate crisis comparable to the 9/11 attacks. Two things. First, you’ll need to protect yourself and second, it pays to think about how to make some money.

Here is a jar of quarters. Why am I posting it here?  Because it’s awesome.

America worships celebrity. As a society, we tend to view celebrities as having better judgment, as being more ethical, more attractive and more worthy of attention that average people. In my searches for financial information on the internet, I’ve come across some interesting links on the relating to celebrities and their financial lives. It seems […]

Here is a personal update. Its early February.  I’ve been tracking my spending for the past 6 weeks and its starting to pay off. I started after reading Darren Hardy’s The Compound Effect.  If you aren’t familiar with Hardy’s work, he is a huge proponent of the additive power of small changes.  His main idea […]