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In honor of the fact that its pretty much 2020 already, here is a classic Saturday Night Live skit with some timeless advice A unique program for managing your debt. SNL skit featuring Steve Martin, Amy Poehler and Chris Parnell. So simple you can do it too! SNL- Don’t Buy Stuff from Certell on Vimeo. […]

Savings Bonds RIP

by Dual Income No Kids on September 13, 2011 · 2 comments

(Guest post from James, original founder of DINKS Finance :)) As many of you long time readers of personal finance blogs will know, the U.S. Treasury department recently issued a press release saying they were eliminating paper sales of savings bonds, effective January 1st, 2012. This move comes as little surprise as some personal finance […]

So, a few days ago, I ended up donating a ton of my old books to the public library. The great thing about cleaning out your bookshelf is you are forced to make decisions about what’s important and what isn’t. Once book I kept was Loral Langemeier’s The Millionaire Maker. Langemeier’s work is great because […]

Folks, It spring time in DC. The weather is beautiful here, it partly cloudy and nearly 80 degrees. Spring is typically a time to do some cleaning but its also a good opportunity to start saving some money. Why? People tend to get out and about more, so you might have some extra spring travel […]

Folks, Main point of today’s posting is: you are what you read. There is a ton of finance and investing information out there. Don’t pollute your mind with bad investing strategies and philosophies. The quality of what you read and listen to is far more important than the quantity. So it makes sense to learn […]

Hello Folks, If you’ve been following this blog you’ll know that we’ve been working on closing on another property in the district. Well last night we sold our stock to raise the down payment funds. The closing date is April 13th, but we wanted to have the funds in cash so there won’t be worries […]

Hello Folks, Lets face it, many people have aspirations that are often at odds with each other. For example a typical conundrum that many people are faced with is balancing their retirement savings needs with non-retirement financial goals. Since most people are constrained in their ability to do more than one thing with their money, […]

Hello Folks, So, I was browsing through a copy of Felix’s Dennis’ How to Get Rich. If you haven’t read Dennis, its well worth the time to do so. At any rate, whenever I come back to Felix’s book it makes a ton of sense to me. For example, check out this quote: “Never yet […]