Clever Ways to Save Money In 2020

Many of us are making our New Year’s resolutions, and for many of us, it’s to save a little bit of money. With the economy the way it is, and the emphasis on consumer culture, it’s sometimes difficult to save money. However, there are some clever ways that you can save money for the New Year. Besides the obvious advice of “don’t buy what you can’t afford” and downloading an app to track expenses, here are some ways to save some money.

Have a Digital Yard Sale

Many of us have goods at home that we don’t need anymore, from old books, movies, and other knickknacks we have no use for. For us, it takes up space, but for the marketplace, it may be something worth some money.

However, not everyone can have a yard sale, and plus, you’re limited to people in your neighborhood, who may not be interested in what you have to offer.

However, the Internet has made it a lot easier to sell what you have, and here are a few ways you can do so:

  • First, there’s the classic commerce sites, such as eBay and Amazon. You can start an account and sell there, but it does take a bit to get everything ready, and with Amazon, you need to make sure they have what you’re selling.
  • LetGo is great for items you don’t need anymore. It’s an app that lets you sell your stuff, and people close by can see it.
  • Facebook Marketplace. Most people use Facebook, and there is an active marketplace. You can find groups dedicated to selling in your local area, and you can list it on the general marketplace.

Try a Work from Home Gig

Another way you can make extra money to save is to have a little side job. The Internet has made it much easier for you to sell your talents, such as writing, art, and other skills. Use a freelancing website such as Upwork or Freelancer and see what they have.

This is a career that is great for a little extra money, but if you put enough dedication to it, it may become a full-time job. You have much more freedom, which is awesome.

Talk to a Professional

Another way you can learn to save money is to talk to a professional. Many of should speak to a financial advisor for advice. In addition, if you have spending habits, there is no shame in searching for a counselor or therapist to help you. Saving money requires self-discipline, which many don’t have. If you have insurance, you may get therapy for free, or you can find someone who works for cheap or pro-bono.

Look for “counseling near me” and get started. Alternatively, you can try online counseling, helping you to get advice on the go.

Don’t Use Social Media As Much

Social media is a great way to connect to friends, and it may even help you find a job. And, as we mentioned before, services like Facebook Marketplace are convenient. So why are we telling you to use less social media?

That’s because it may inadvertently cause you to spend more money. We aren’t talking about how it shows you ads, though that doesn’t help, but because social media gives you that FOMO feeling when you look at it.

FOMO, or fear of missing out, is something you feel whenever you go on social media. You see your friends buying a new car, going out, taking trips, and doing all sorts of things with their money, and it makes you want to make some unneeded purchases.

This isn’t to say you can’t have an occasional trip, but make sure you aren’t spending money just because all your friends are. No matter how old you get, you are susceptible to peer pressure, whether you recognize it or not.

Any Savings is a Win

When you reflect at the end of 2020, you may have had a financial goal in mind. However, if you didn’t meet that goal, that’s okay. Sometimes, just having progress in your bank account can make you feel accomplished. Here’s to 2020, where we save more and spend less.

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