The Negligent Causes of Car Accidents

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Car accidents are – unfortunately- some of the most common accidents that anyone could experience. Most people suffer multiple car accidents throughout their lifetimes– both as passengers and as drivers. Car accidents happen for a number of reasons. In most cases, the cause of car accidents can be directly correlated to the negligent actions of drivers.

Consider some of the most common negligent reasons behind car accidents:

  • Drivers are distracted while behind the wheel. In a society that revolves around handheld technology, more and more drivers are distracted while they are driving. An alarming number of drivers admit to using their mobile devices while on the road. Sending text messages, answering calls, using social media, and even taking pictures while driving can quickly cause auto accidents.
  • Drivers speed while driving. Drivers disregard the posted speed limits and drive at dangerous speeds. When drivers are speeding, they have less time to react to traffic conditions, inevitably leading to accidents.
  • Drivers get behind the wheel under the influence of drugs or alcohol. When people drink or use drugs, their ability to drive is severely impaired.
  • Drivers exercise reckless driving. There are many driving habits that can be classified as reckless driving. Some of these habits include weaving in and out of traffic, changing lanes without signaling or without checking blind spots, and tailgating, for example.
  • Drivers often ignore traffic signals. Ignoring traffic signals and basic traffic laws could result in running red lights and stop signs, for example. When drivers enter intersections when they do not have the right of way, they run the risk of causing an accident– endangering themselves and other innocent parties.
  • Drivers can get behind the vehicle when they are drowsy. It is often claimed that driving while drowsy is even more dangerous that driving under the influence of alcohol. Drivers who are drowsy can suddenly lose consciousness and fall asleep – causing dangerous accidents.
  • Drivers can participate in dangerous activities, such as street racing. When drivers consciously make the decision to race other drivers, they are purposefully driving recklessly and endangering others.

Did you suffer a car accident? Were you or a member of your family severely injured after being involved in an auto accident? If the auto accident that resulted in your injuries could be directly associated with the negligent actions of a driver, you likely have the right to file an auto accident claim. Depending on the specific details of your accident, you might also be eligible to recover some sort of monetary compensation for your claim.

“Many people do not really consider the vital role that negligence has on their auto accident claims and on their right to recover compensation. However, negligence is essentially the foundation of car accident claims. Without this steady foundation of negligence, victims and their families do not have the right to take action against the liable party or receive any sort of compensation for damages,” says Farid Yaghoubtil of Downtown L.A. Law Group.

Anyone who has ever driven a car or been a passenger in a car should be familiar with the four elements of negligence – which will prove to be essential after being involved in an auto accident.

Consider the following:

  • All drivers have a duty of care to other drivers and any other parties sharing the road. This duty of care requires drivers to take reasonable care and caution while driving to prevent any accidents and harm to others.
  • By driving distracted, exercising recklessness, or ignoring traffic signals, for example, drivers are breaching their duty of care to other drivers and other parties on the road. This breach of duty creates the risk of a car accident.
  • The breach of duty causes a car accident – which could have been avoided had the driver been exercising his or her duty of care.
  • The accident caused by the breach of duty directly results in

As briefly mentioned, the four elements of negligence listed above are the essential for auto accident claims. If you were recently involved in a car accident and you believe that the accident (and your injuries) was caused by the negligent actions of the party that crashed into your vehicle, you should explore the possibility of pursing an injury claim.

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