Nothing can stop the Brits’ love for travel

by Susan Paige on May 29, 2019 · 0 comments

With the advent of the internet, the world has never been as accessible. There are cheap and affordable flights from anywhere to everywhere, so travelling is easier than ever. However, it’s not all sunny because there are certain risks when travelling that everyone needs to consider more often.

Every year, there are reports of different accidents happening at different places, such as natural disasters, human errors, and even terrorism. Mexico suffered two devastating earthquakes just two weeks apart, which caused significant damage to infrastructure, and over 300 people lost their lives. That’s why more and more people are looking to insure themselves with groups such as Insure4Retirement.

Europe is often considered as a generally safe destination, but even the mainland has been having issues with extreme weather lately. Everything from active volcanoes, hurricanes, and earthquakes are becoming a more common occurrence. There was a wildfire in Greece that killed over 70 human lives and destroyed a tourist resort. A British couple lost their lives in a downpour in the Spanish town Sant Llorenç.

Despite all this, Brits seem to travel to such destinations more and more on a yearly basis. Each destination is different, but there are some with a high risk factor. Terrorist attacks are happening more often than before, but that doesn’t seem to stop people.

Countries that have risks of terrorism are often impoverished and rely on international tourism. Indonesia suffered through a tsunami, and afterwards, it admitted that it had not been sufficiently prepared for such an accident. Even if Indonesia and similar countries are not prepared, people travel there often without insurance in mind.

That’s all about to change as the travel industry recognises that insurance is a vital part of travel, which is why insurance specialists such as are offering more and more services. These services are often teams of crisis specialists for different crises, which include members that are former military, law enforcement, and all sorts of specialists who are experts at dealing with any and all types of crises and accidents.

That’s because more and more people are visiting these destinations, as it’s apparent that people love to travel anywhere. There are hundreds of thousands of Brits that visit the Indonesian islands, and statistics show that a crisis of some form happening is not out of the question.

In today’s world, a terrorist attack or natural disaster are no longer things we hear on the news occasionally. They happen and are reported more frequently, which naturally raises concern with a lot of travellers. Events like that usually have a negative effect on any country’s tourism, but the tourist industry is very versatile.

A lot of countries rely on tourism to boost their economy, which is why the damage done after any given disaster is almost immediately repaired. There will always be people willing to endure the risk so they can visit the destinations they had in mind. If anyone plans on visiting a destination where there’s even a hint of potential risk, then they should immediately insure themselves with insurers by visiting their websites, such as it’s always worth it.

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