6 Expenses All Happy Couples Face

by Susan Paige on May 2, 2019 · 0 comments

Finding the perfect romantic partner is difficult. What most people don’t realize, though, is that it’s also pretty expensive. Indeed, getting together is a (surprisingly) costly endeavor, and all new couples should be aware of how a new relationship will affect their financial standing. Of course, money isn’t everything in life, but it can have a major impact on the happiness and longevity of your relationship. After all, couples fight about money and money management more than just about anything else. With that in mind, today we’ll explore six expenses that are more or less unavoidable for folks intent on starting a long-term relationship:


Unless you’re lucky enough to hit it off with your next-door neighbor, odds are you’re going to have to spend a significant sum getting around town to see your partner on a regular basis. In particular, added miles on your car will invariably lead to more frequent payments at the pump.


Some dates are more expensive than others. Indeed, it’s entirely possible to enjoy some financially modest (or even free) dates. Yet, special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, celebrations, etc. often call for costly nights out on the town. While those in the throes of new-found love might not feel too concerned about the money they’re tossing around on meals, drinks, experiences, and gifts now, it’s important to keep track of your spending habits all the same, lest they get out of control.

Moving/Domestic Renovation

Moving in together is a big step. In fact, for many couples, it’s the final test before marriage. (We’ll get to that in a moment.) However, what many couples don’t realize is that sharing the same space doesn’t always mean a reduction in bills or rental payments. Instead, finding a space that can accommodate you both comfortably may end up costing more than two separate apartments.


Even the most demure, understated weddings can be costly affairs. What’s more, many couples have to foot the bill for their own wedding, so be cognizant of that before you start making extravagant plans.

Medical Costs

No, falling in love won’t send you to the hospital –– or at least it shouldn’t! Nevertheless, engaging in a romantic relationship with a new partner could expose you to some potentially dangerous medical infections. As such, it’s always a wise idea to visit a local STD testing center after you meet someone new.


In a way, having a child is the ultimate expense. There’s no two ways around it: kids cost a veritable fortune to raise. Naturally, there are many great reasons to start a family. Still, it’s naive to have kids without first realizing the financial burden they’ll represent in the future.

The Bottom Line

Money might not be able to buy you love, but falling in love could cost you a pretty penny at the end of the day. Though money may not be the most important thing in your life, it’s still critical to keep close tabs on your finances and to manage your money effectively all the same.


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