Top 4 Reasons why you should Teach English in Russia

by Susan Paige on April 30, 2019 · 0 comments

English is one of the most widely used second languages in most of the countries resulting in better job opportunities to different individuals who make a living out of it. Being a teacher comes along with various benefits such as getting some summer offs together with other seasonal holidays and workload is less compared to other jobs.

The career is associated with less stress as compared to other corporate and retail jobs. Being an English teacher comes with more added benefits as you have an opportunity to travel across the world to teach English to speakers of other languages, hence having exposure to different ethnicities, languages, races and exploring Moscow in Russia.

Why is Russia a better option for teaching English?

Russia’s rapidly growing economic power puts it a better place to start your English teaching career. Additionally, Russia is rich in culture, culinary art and architecture making it a better place to live with an opportunity to earn at the same time. Some of the reasons that makes Russia a better option for teaching English are as below;

  1. Easy Visa Process

It is easier to get a work visa when working in Russia as compared to other countries as the local employers will sponsor you for the visa. This, therefore, makes it easier for English as a Second Language teacher attributed to the high demand, lessening the challenges which would otherwise be faced while getting a visa for Russia.

  1. Easy requirements

For the native English speakers, it is straightforward as they do not need to have attended any college degree or any particular diploma apart from TEFL certification to qualify for English teaching jobs in Russia. Having a bachelor’s degree will be counted as an added advantage in your resume.

  1. The better job market for English teachers

Recently Russia introduced English as a mandatory language in their curriculum. This move has provided plenty of job opportunities for English teacher in both public and private language schools who are needed to teach at these different levels. The job market for English teaching jobs in Russia are regularly expanding as the primary and post-secondary private education is gaining popularity.

  1. Requirements for an English Language teacher in Russia.

Bachelor’s Degree – This is not a compulsory requirement for the native English speakers, but rather it is an added advantage to them.

TEFL/TESOL Certification -These certifications can be easily accessed through online TEFL course which takes not more than four weeks.

Visa – Having a visa to travel to Russia is fully sponsored by the employing company, making English teaching jobs in Russia lucrative.

Parting Shot

Indeed English teaching jobs in Russia have numerous benefits to the teachers as they are entitled to different benefits as lower workloads, better payments and opportunity of exposure and exploration. Russia also offers a chance of being interviewed for the job applied without necessarily having to travel to Russia, thus saving time and money.


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