Saving money on monthly outgoings

As a Family man with the usual trappings of a mortgage and kids that always need new shoes and outgrow clothes almost as fast as we buy them. Always when pay day does arrive the bank account can seem very healthy, we may hear cries of “yippee” around the country, but as always with the bills and all the other payments to be made following payday it doesn’t take long before we are counting down the days until payday again.

I know that far too many of us are feeling the strains of a hard economy right now. Even before the month is up a lot of accounts are in the red again.

Companies like Bestonlineassignmenthelp, paperdoers, and onlineassignmentwriting says , if you are struggling to build your nest egg just follow these smart tips could save you close to £5000 per year!

1)  One of the biggest saving that a household can make is with our energy bills.  In most cases around £300 per year can be saved over the year. Don’t wait until the next jaw dropping energy bill arrives, shop around and change your energy supplier now.

2)  If you smoke try your hardest to quit 20 a day at £5.05 per pack is £151.50 pm and £1818.00 per year, out of pocket.

3)  Forget the gym membership £45.00 per month is £540 saved for the year

4)  If you like a cappuccino in the morning well that costs you £39 a month of a frothy £780 per year

5)  If you like to get take away diner cut out 1 per week that could save you say £20 per week which is £1040 for the year

6)  Saying NO to 2 pints or glasses of wine a week could save you £318

7)  Forsaking  bottled water and opting for plain old tap water will save you £50 pm or £60 pa

Just those examples above are a £5396.00 per year saving … kind of crazy when you break it down like that eh?

Here are even more ideas.

  1. A) Opt for direct debit with your energy bills, and make sure you supply reading of your gas and electricity and stop being over charged with ‘estimated usage’
  2. B) Get a smaller trolley or even a basket when you are cruising the supermarket aisles.  Try out the supermarket own brands rather than staying with your favourite big brand name. Finance experts working with thanksforthehelp, topassignmentexperts and essaywriter4u  suggests , make a shopping list by looking in your cupboards and fridge and stick to the list. Also try Netto, Lidl and Aldi, these budget supermarkets will save the pennies and you will certainly notice the difference when you get to the till.
  3. C) If you shop at the market for you perishables, pretend you’re in Egypt and try a little haggling, you’ll be surprised at the deals you’ll get, with a smile and a cheeky approach.
  4. D) I saved £11 per month just by changing my mobile phone supplier, same number same phone even a better tariff and a £132.00 per year saving.
  5. E)  Did you know First Direct will pay you £100 to open a current account? You must deposit £1500 per month though. However the account doesn’t pay interest, but if you are not happy and decide to leave after 6 months they pay you another £100!
  6. F)  Halifax offers $135  for new and existing customers who switch their current account .Get £50 within 7 working days and £85 after six months.

So there are a few smart tips for you to consider but if I was you, just go ahead and take control and don’t dilly dally any longer. Just make sure you stash the cash you save. You never know when the rain will come.


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