Vaping as a Better Alternative to Smoking?

by James Hendrickson on July 14, 2017 · 0 comments

vape-2439322_640Vaping versus cigarettes has been a battle of epic proportions ever since electronic cigarettes were introduced for the first time, around the 2000s. Everyone seems to have the knowledge to debate on the subject, and even to equate vape pens to the tobacco ones. When we say everyone, we mean anti-smoking activists, environmentalist, non-smokers, and healthcare practitioners.

However, the aim of this article is not to persuade you to choose one of the sides (if you already haven’t), but to present some facts about the effects of vaping and smoking on health and environment.

Effects on Health

Vaping is commonly known as a better, healthier and safer alternative to smoking. As we all know, regular cigarettes have been targeted as one of the main causes of lung cancer. The main reason for this lies in the components of both electronic and tobacco cigarette, and their effects on human health. So, let us just take a look at the components of tobacco cigarettes:

  •         Acetone (causes damage to nervous system)
  •         Benzene (damages bone marrow)
  •         Chromium (increases the risk of lung cancer)
  •         Formaldeyde (also increases the risk of lung cancer)
  •         Hydrogen cyanide (poison used in military weapons)

On the other hand, the components of electronic cigarettes are as follows:

  •         Vegetable glycerin (manufacturers use pharmaceutically graded organic VG)
  •         Propylene glycol (main ingredient for asthma inhalers)
  •         Dietlylene glycol (it is true that it is the main ingredient in antifreeze, but you will make sure not to buy massively produced e-cigarettes over those of proven quality)
  •         Nicotine (BUT vapers can choose from cigarettes with zero nicotine to some stronger ones, which means that there is an option to use nicotine-free electronic cigarettes)

Another fact worth mentioning is that smokers who are trying to quit this nasty habit are actually using e-cigs to help them in the process.

Effects on the environment

If something can cause that much damage to the human’s body, can we imagine how hazardous it is for the nature that surrounds us? Green organizations keep warning us that cigarette filters are the most common trash all over the world. There is also a report on this very topic by the Ocean Conservancy’s International Cleanup according to which cigarette filters are the most collected trash at the world’s beaches from year to year.

Something like that cannot happen with electronic cigarettes, since no one throws away their vaping gear. Moreover, people are constantly being encouraged to recycle it.

Moreover, numerous studies have been conducted recently, and it is discovered that pets (e.g. cats and dogs) living with a smoker are more prone to getting cancer!


All the facts being considered, it is easy to see whether vaping is a better alternative to smoking or not. So, let’s just start fighting for it.

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