Genetics and Horse Racing

by James Hendrickson on March 28, 2017 · 0 comments

racehorse-419742_640Horse racing is one of the most spectacular events in the World, specially a tradition like the Grand National, Britain´s heritage and excitement for more than 150 years. The festival of races, which will open on 6th April of 2017, congregates around 250.000 people in its grades and on T.V.

There´s no shortage of horses, since more than 20 horses have qualified for each race, and will definitely put up a good show. The nature of the race is quite random, since there´s not a mathematical and precise way to foresee a winner, but one can take what bookies and expert know, mix it with the last performances of the horse and take a bet.

Of course, you also need to take in account genetics, since the new breed of horses is getting a lot of modifications in their genes, so they can meet with their “creators” expectations. This is not a small thing to take in consideration, some sports as polo and Argentinean “Pato” are fielding more and more genetically modified horses. Even when it sounds complex, humans have been modifying species since the domestication of the wolf.

In terms of breeding a genetically modified horse, you need to find a couple of really good parents, eliminate their faulty genes if there were any, and then insert the fertilized ovum in the mare and wait. The tests of the first batch of modified horses show impressive results, with unparalleled performances in both speed and endurance. This is possible because of the nature of genetics, since most of the species get 50% of the father and the rest of its mother. If the father is a great racer, and its mother has endurance, the cub might be very good for racing. Gene and breeding matters in horse racing betting, as the latest results of the big races around the World bring to the table.

Most specialists point out that for 2020 most of the horse racing in the world will have genetically modified horses in their roster.

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