Why a College Student Needs Auto Insurance

by James Hendrickson on December 9, 2015 · 0 comments

key-949094_640Going to college is often meant to be a time of personal freedom and adventure, where you can drive your car and go wherever you want. However, just because you have newfound freedom doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take some precautions—such as getting insurance for your car.

Finances and College Students

Auto insurance for college students is essential since they often have limited money, either living off their parents, student loans, a part-time job, or a combination of all three. Instead, they must make due with whatever is at their disposal. If they did get into an accident, they would be unlikely to be able to pay for the full cost of repairs without family support, so getting insurance would help to alleviate much of the financial burden.

Commuting and College Students

One aspect that college students have in common with their counterparts who are already working in companies is a greater tendency to commute. Students that either live in off-campus apartments or commute from home to their respective colleges and back are exposed to driving longer distances as compared to students who live at home and drive to the grocery once a week. The greater the amount of time a person spends on the road, the higher the possibility that they may get into an accident.

In fact, based on the latest statistics from Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly 245,000 teens within the U.S. (many of them college students) were hospitalized as a direct result of injuries they acquired from being in a vehicular accident. Of the more than 245,000 teens that were hospitalized, 2,163 were killed due to head-on collisions. This shows that accidents involving college-aged drivers are not a rarity as some students may believe. Students in their late teens who are attending college are just as likely to get into car accidents as their adult counterparts.


As of 2011, nearly 23 percent (1.3 million) of car accidents that occurred in the U.S. were a direct result of texting while driving. College students in particular are vulnerable to accidents involving texting while driving due to their propensity to multi-task while on the road and desire to stay constantly connected to their peers. It’s this combination of factors that makes a college student more likely to get into an accident while texting as compared to being drunk or simply lacking sufficient situational or spatial awareness. Attempts at preventing this type of problem from happening have been met with casual dismissal from the college student population, in large part due to their belief that other drivers are merely careless, or that they’re invincible. Unfortunately, this type of logic is exactly why accidents happen in the first place, only further supporting the notion that college students need car insurance.

Late Night Classes

Due to the limited availability of slots for particular classes, college students often have to take some classes in the evening. According to Forbes, the most dangerous time to go driving is at night due to a person’s depleted reaction time and attention span. Nighttime causes a biological reaction in people which signals to their body that it’s time to rest. Individuals trying to fight this urge state that they experience their eyelids drooping, have less situational awareness and can at times lose attention due to sudden bouts of sleepiness. All of this can have a potentially disastrous effect on people that are controlling a large motor vehicle barreling down a road at high speeds.

Due to some college students having no other recourse but to attend night classes, the combination of the mental exhaustion from school and the physical exhaustion the evening brings can have a combined effect that makes a college student more liable to make a mistake while driving. Because of this, college students with no other choice but to attend night classes should consider getting auto insurance. You’ll be glad you were wise in the event your vehicle all of a sudden needs some costly repairs.

Simply put, it makes too much sense – both from a financial and practical point of view – for a college student to go without auto insurance.

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