Your Engagement Checklist

by Kristina Tahnyak on September 21, 2015 · 0 comments

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Congratulations on getting married.  You’re about to begin you’re happily ever after, but before you walk down the aisle  there’s a ton of other things you need to do first.  The truth is your engagement is just the first step in get married.

First you have to plan wedding

This is probably the most exciting part of getting engaged.  Not only do you get to spend the rest of your life with the person you love more than anything in the world, but you also get to plan what may be the biggest party of your life.

The downside to planning dinner and a reception for 200 wedding guests is the cost.  If you (or your parents) don’t have savings to cover the costs don’t worry because you can pay as you go when planning your wedding.

No one says that you need to get married within a year of being engaged.  Take your time and start saving for your wedding or spread out the bookings and pay as you go.  First reserve your venue, then you can plan the meal with the caterer and then you can plan other details such as the bridal party outfits and flowers.  Cut costs on things like invitations and centerpieces by DIY-ing whatever you can.

Then you can think about the honeymoon

Once the wedding and reception are over you can start planning your first romantic getaway as husband and wife.  Some couples like to leave for their honeymoon right after the wedding, but depending on the time of year that could cost you.

Travelling during peak times (May to September) can be very expensive.  Waiting a few months to take your honeymoon may be the more cost efficient option.  Thinking of two or three destinations and comparing prices for flights and hotels can also help save big bucks.  Don’t have your heart set on one place and you may be able to find a great deal for your second or third option.

You’ll have to set up house

Waiting a few months to take your honeymoon can save you money, but it also gives you time to set up your new space as a happily married couple. If you and your spouse are traditional you probably didn’t live together before the wedding.

Getting married and moving all within the same day can be a lot of change, maybe more than one can handle.  Take some time to adjust to life as a married couple, enjoy your new home and once you’re settled in you can start planning your honeymoon.  Keep in mind that purchasing and furnishing a house can really cut into your budget.

And finally discuss the money

Are you and your new spouse going to merge your finances?  This is definitely a conversation you want to have sooner than later.  Of course as you plan the wedding and honeymoon as well as move in together you will get to know each other’s money habits.  However when it comes to finances you never want to assume you know someone’s goals or take income or debt for granted.  It’s always better to talk about money and lay all the cards on the table.

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