Weekly roundup: Why you should always act like you’re sick

by Kristina Tahnyak on June 12, 2015 · 1 comment

Good morning Dinks and happy Friday.  I’m happy to say that the dreaded three week cold/flu/stomach ache I told you all about last week has finally started to come to end.  Thank you to everyone who sent over their best wishes and homemade remedies for recovery.  I’m finally feeling better.  I still have a little cough, but it’s improving every day so that’s nice.  It’s definitely something to look forward to when I wake up every morning.

Speaking of which, yesterday morning I woke up, checked my bank account and was surprised to find more money than I usually have the day before pay day.  That was definitely something to get out of bed for.  As I looked back over the last couple of weeks I wondered why there was such a surplus in my bank account.  I am a creature of habit and usually spend the exact same amount of money every week on the exact same things so over or under spending is very unusual.  Then I remembered I was sick.

Some people tell you to live like you’re broke to save money, some others say to live like you’re on a diet.  I say if you want to save money live like you’ve got a cold and here’s why…

You don’t feel like eating

There is absolutely no chance of busting your food budget when you’re sick because you don’t feel like eating, at least I didn’t.  Between the fever and the antibiotics I was keeping myself full on chocolate milk and bananas – which still made me nauseous.

You don’t have the energy to be out and about

Impulse purchases and spontaneous shopping are non-existent when you’re sick because you just don’t have the energy to be walking around.  All you probably want to do is stay home, jump into bed and sleep.  That’s not a bad way to spend a day in my book (minus the terrifying illness) and it helps save money at the same time.

You don’t feel like getting dressed up

Date night?  No thanks.  When I’m sick I don’t even want to get out of bed let alone get dressed up and spend a night out on the town.  Nick and I haven’t ordered food, been out to a restaurant or gone to the movies in weeks thanks to my cold.  Our couple’s time has definitely been cut out over the last few weeks so I’m looking forward to spending time together over a nice dinner tomorrow night.  I guess it was a blessing in disguise.  A big ugly, zombie-like disguise.  But nevertheless my bank account is happy.

Now the question is should I save it or spend it?


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1 Heather @ Simply Save June 13, 2015 at 8:02 pm

I’m glad you’re feeling better and found a silver lining to being sick!

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