Singapore for the Truly Budget Traveller

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Singapore is one of the top destinations in Asia for tourists and business travelers. It is a world business city-state that offers visitors a vibrant, urban life as well as a world-class arts and culture scene. While some hotels in Singapore are the cutting-edge of expensive luxury, there are also clean, cheap hotels for every travel budget.

The World in Singapore

People from many cultures and countries have settled in Singapore over the centuries, and today, they offer a mini-experience of their origins to visitors. Little India is just that with shops, restaurants and textile stores that offer goods reminiscent of India. Chinatown is a big player in the tourist trade offering cultural heritage museums and traditional temples along with modern spas and wellness centers. Both places offer excellent, cheap food and accommodation. If you’re looking for the trendy bars and restaurants, Tiong Bahru is the neighborhood for you. You can walk the quiet streets and visit bookstores, boutiques and hip bars and cafes.

Luxury like No Other

Singapore used to be considered the most expensive city in the world, and it has the luxury hotels to prove it. With spectacular views of the city and sea, infinity pools that blend with the sky and world-class spas and fitness centers, you’ll be pampered to your heart’s content. There is also five-star luxury on the ground that has gorgeous gardens surrounding your room right in the middle of the city.

Boutique Hotels

Singapore has several truly unique boutique hotels that offer each guest a personalized experience. From trendy modern to chic heritage, these hotels are centrally located and offer all the amenities you’d expect in a good hotel. Budget hotels are also available that offer full amenities such as free Wi-Fi, refrigerators and air conditioning as well as swimming pools and good on-site restaurants. You can find cheap hotels in Little India and in Chinatown.

Vacation Rentals

There are more than 1,000 vacation rentals in the city, and they range from simple low-cost to an entire villa with gardens and swimming pool. The main benefit of vacation rentals is the fully equipped kitchen. You can save a lot by cooking several meals at home and reducing the amount you need to spend in restaurants, saving you money for other things.

When to Visit Singapore

There is very little climate change in Singapore, but February is the driest month. Holiday periods such as Christmas, Ramadan, Chinese New Year and National Day are busy times and tend to be crowded. There are also bigger crowds during special events such as the Singapore Sun Festival, the Singapore F1 Race and the Chingay Parade. However, these events are worth seeing, and you can book hotels with low prices.

What to See and Do

The Singapore Botanic Garden is one of the best outdoor activities in the city. Along with the world’s largest tropical orchid display, it has playgrounds for children and several restaurants. Another outdoor activity is at the Gardens by the Bay where the Supertrees live. These are huge tree-shaped vertical gardens. There is also the Cloud Forest, which is an indoor mountain rainforest with the tallest indoor waterfall in the world.

Singapore offers a blend of European and Asian culture with its modern city and many cultural heritages. You can visit Singapore on a budget and see it all.

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