What’s in Your Spam Box?

by Kristina on June 11, 2014 · 0 comments


Your spam box is the trash can of the virtual world, it’s where emails go to die.  Usually people don’t give their spam box a second look because it’s the spot where your mail service sends unwanted notes from people who are soliciting money…and other things.  But surprisingly this past week I found some rather interesting things in my spam box.

I use both Gmail and Yahoo as mail services.  From the dawn of time we have been warned not to open emails from people we don’t know and I never do, but that doesn’t mean I can’t browse the headlines.  I like to check my spam box just to see the kind of nonsense that’s out there in the space.  From scammers telling me my Paypal account password needs to be reset to overseas businessmen telling me that I have a chunk of money waiting to be claimed.  My spam box is full of unwanted nonsense.

However, once in a while, every now and then I find some really great emails in my spam box.

4 amazing emails I found in my spam box this week:

A job offer.  This was absolutely the best thing that I found in my spam box this week.  Thank goodness I found it only a day after it was sent so it wasn’t too late when I responded to graciously accept the offer.  This is the great thing about being a freelancer, you can think you’re having a normal day and then BAM you get a totally great job offer.

An interview.  I reached out to another blogger at the beginning of May because I wanted to email him for an upcoming article I am writing.  After a couple of weeks I wondered why he was ignoring me, especially since I sent him and email and a Facebook message. Oh yes that’s right I can be a stalker when I really want something.  Anyways it turns out he actually emailed be back within a week but for some reason it went directly into my spam box. I politely excused my tardiness and thankfully he was understanding and still wants to do the interview.

An award nomination.  This is another piece of good news that Gmail thought was spam.  Dinks Finance got a shout out from BadCredit.org for listing DINKs as one of their Top 5 couples Finance Blogs.   That’s really exciting news.

An email from a colleague.  I had a colleague reach out to me on Facebook saying she sent me an email almost two weeks ago and is wondering why I haven’t responded.  I was on vacation for a couple weeks so I thought I missed her note.  But it turns out that my colleague’s email went right to my spam box.  I’m not sure why because she has a legit email address.  Maybe it’s because I’ve never received an email from her before.  But if that was the logic we would never receive emails from anyone.

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