Weekly roundup: Retirement, Saving and Minimum Wage

by Kristina on February 21, 2014 · 0 comments

Happy Friday Dinks.  It’s February 21 and in a month spring will be here.  I am ready to say good bye to the snow, ice and wind that comes with this time of the year.  I know that as a girl born and raised in the cold Northeast I should love being outside during the cold winter months, or at least I should be used to it.  But at 33 years old I can honestly tell you that I have not yet adjusted to the bone chilling cold that blows up your spine with a gust of winter wind.

Do you love winter?  I usually get cabin fever this time of year from being inside for the last three months.  But honestly this year it hasn’t been too bad.  I haven’t yet adjusted to being outside, but maybe I am finally becoming accustomed to being inside.

Have a great weekend Dinks and enjoy these posts from our friends:

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