Weekly roundup: Jay Z, Financial Success and Second Mortgages

by Kristina on December 20, 2013 · 0 comments

Good morning Dinks and Happy Friday.  There are only 5 days left until Christmas and let me ask you a question, are you ready for what’s to come? If you have a big family the planning and the parties have probably already started.  But if you are like me then you are planning to spend the holidays quietly at home with your loved one.  That’s how my boyfriend and I will be spending our Christmas holidays this year – 5 blissful days of peace and quiet in the comfort of our own home.

Happy Holidays Dinks.  Enjoy these great posts from our personal finance friends:

LowestRates.ca is giving away $500 to one lucky Canadian. Enter to win.

Saveup – Doing What You Love: Interview with Jim Wang of Microblogger

Money Crush – 8 Habits for Financial Success

Financial Samurai – Do You Work Harder Or Relax More During Good Times?

Frugal Rules – How to Reduce Your Stress Level During the Holidays

Me and My Money – Confessions of a CFP: You may need a second mortgage

Ticketing Today – How does Jay Z sell out concerts?

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