DINKS Reality: What’s your investing style?

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Jeff Probst in Survivor  And yes, the utter shame but I still find myself sucked in by this darn show every single week!  And every season I swear I am done, done with this!!  :)

Good morning Dinks.  Today we are going to play a little investing game to see if your TV tastes say a little something about our investing behavior.  Our friends at Credit Sesame recently asked their followers on Twitter “What’s your favourite TV show?” According to Credit Sesame we can learn a lot from the beloved characters on our favorite TV shows, and I agree.

What’s your favorite TV show? Some money lessons from popular #TV shows and what NOT to do with your money. – Credit Sesame ‏@CreditSesame

As you know I am a huge fan of Reality TV, this includes reality shows following people’s lives such as Storage Wars and The Real Housewives of Orange County, but it also includes game show-style Reality TV shows such as The Celebrity Apprentice and Survivor.

Think about the TV shows that you watch.  They are most likely a direct reflection of your personality, but are they also a directly reflection of your investor style? Let’s see.

What do your favorite Reality TV shows say about your investing habits?

The Amazing Race. If you love watching teams of two travel around the world in a race against time then maybe you also like to diversify your investment portfolio internationally.  Is this true in your case?  People who have a love for exploring new places and people around the world and have a love for adventure usually want to explore all aspects of foreign places, this includes their economy.  If you love talking adventures and travelling maybe your investment profile is full of emerging market investments and foreign equities or bonds.

The Apprentice.  Do you love watching contestants compete in business challenges for Donald Trump in The Apprentice and The Celebrity Apprentice? If so then maybe you are all about the numbers with your investment portfolio. This is definitely the approach that I take in my investment portfolio, there are absolutely no feelings involved what so ever in my investment strategy.  I am a balanced investor and I have an exact 60% equity 40% income split in my retirement savings plan. I analyze investments before I buy them and I have never bought an investment based on someone else’s tips.

Big Brother. If you love watching houseguests spend a summer relaxing by the pool in the ultra chic Big Brother house in Los Angeles then maybe you also have a laid back investor style.  Maybe you don’t like to choose your own investments; maybe you don’t like to watch the market.  Maybe your passive personality saves money because you know you should, but you don’t really make active investment decisions. If you have a passive, laid-back personality then maybe index funds and ETFs are the way to go for your investments.

Survivor.  I love watching Survivor on Wednesday nights.  It is probably the last Reality TV show that I would ever go on because it’s outdoors, its hard work and you are stranded on an island; but I love watching it nevertheless. If you are a fan of outwit, outlast, outplay then you are probably really cut throat when it comes to money.  You may always be looking for the next big breakout hit to buy their stocks and make a fortune and you probably always have to win aka make money. Am I right?

What is your favorite reality TV show?

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