The Most Expensive Cities in the World

by Kristina on October 25, 2012 · 1 comment

Good Morning Dinks.  Not too long ago we published a post titled “The Cheapest Cities to Live in the World” and it caused quite a stir of comments on both Dinks Finance as well as on Business Insider.  Today we are following up with a post that features the most expensive cities to live in around the world.

There is always a trade off when discussing the cost of living in a particular city, town or region. Costly cities usually offer better housing, better amenities and a generally better quality of life. Whereas cheaper cities can have lower standards of living and possibly higher crime or poverty rates. So in the end you have to ask your self…is it better to be rich in a poor city or to be poor in a very rich city?

I feel that your cost of living is what you make it and it completely depends on your standard of living.  As you know I want to live in New York City which is considered to be one of the most expensive cities in the entire world.  The cost of living (for me) is worth the opportunities that living in New York City will bring to my career and my personal life.

I would personally not want to live in a cheaper city and not have access to all of the great amenities that New York City has to offer.  I would also not like to live in a rural area which doesn’t have the benefits of living in a big city just because the cost of living is cheaper.  However if my personal goal was to live a low key life and save money then I would absolutely move to a rural area for some quiet time and also to save some money.

How expensive is your city?

Here is a list of the most expensive cities in the world according to MSN Money:

10. London, England.  Yes if you want to live with royalty then you will be charged a pretty penny.

9. Caracas, Venezuela. Hugo Chavez was recently re-elected into government and it doesn’t look like the cost of living will be declining anytime soon.

8. Stockholm, Sweeden.  If you are willing to pay to live in a city with picturesque views and old European charm then Stockholm may just be the city for you.

7. Luxembourg.  Beautiful greenery, breathtaking views, and the Duke and Dutchess await for you in Luxembourg.

6. New York City.  Living in a city that has it all come with a price, but for some people (like myself) living in a big city is worth the cost.

5. Copenhagen, Denmark.  It’s all blue water and blue skies in Copenhagen, but living in a beautiful fairytale has a price.

4. Geneva, Switzerland.  It is no surprise that a city in a country known for its international banking is on the top end of this list.

3. Tokyo, Japan.  Technology, nightlife and a dense population are all benefits that you pay for when you live in Tokyo.

2. Zurich, Switerland. The second Swiss city on the list offers a variety of career and personal amenities for it’s residents.

1. Oslo, Norway.  This is the most expensive city in the world where it costs over $23 to take a 5 kilometer taxi ride.  How much does it cost to take the bus in your city? In Oslo, Norway it costs over $5 per trip.

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1 Sam Das @ Wherewithal October 25, 2012 at 10:35 pm

I agree, there are intangibles that cannot be adequately measured. These qualitative factors have a significant impact on both your quality of life and, frankly, your earning potential. There are just certain careers that dictate where you’ll live. I also live in NYC and moved here for work straight out of college (finance job). 12 years later and NYC has grown on me beyond just my career. The benefits of the city have outweighed the costs…for now.

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