Friday Roundup: FinCon, the Plutus Awards & True Confessions

Happy Friday Dinks.  As The Financial Blogger Conference quickly approaches next month it’s time to start booking our travel plans, it’s time to start signing up for workshops at FinCon, and it’s time to start voting for your favourite Personal Finance Blogs to win a Plutus Award.  The Plutus Awards are the annual personal finance awards that are presented to bloggers in a variety of different categories.

The winners will be announced Friday September 6th at FinCon12 in Denver Colorado.  We look forward to seeing everyone at The Financial Blogger Conference.  Enjoy these great posts from around the web. Have a great weekend everyone!

  • Donna Freedman – The Way We Work (Finalist in the PF Olympics and speaker at FinCon12)
  • Frugal Flip – 11 Frugal Things I Do For Which My Friends May or May Not Think I’m Crazy
  • So Over This – Confessions of a Reluctant Grocery Shopper
  • Frugal Beautiful – Planning A Cross Country Move On A Budget
  • Budgets Are Sexy – Welcome to Barterville: Poppulation 1?
  • Financial Samurai – “I Want To Have Fun” – One Of The Worst Excuses For Not Saving
  • Clever Dude – The 5 Biggest Wastes of Time and Money


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