Friday the 13th Roundup: Savings, Marriage, and Wedding Rings

by Kristina on July 13, 2012 · 1 comment

Happy Friday the 13th DINKS. I hope that you all have good luck today and I hope that nothing bad happens to anyone or to anyone who you know. Some people think that Friday the 13th is full of superstitions and bad luck, but some people think that the number 13 is actually luck and they hope for only good things to happen on Friday the 13th.

I am always cautious on Friday the 13th but I always hope for good things to happen.  In the past I have never really done anything on Friday the 13th such as take a trip by train, plane, or car, visiting my chiropractor, and getting my hair cut.

The one superstition that I never understood about the number 13 and bad luck is why there is never a 13th floor in office buildings, apartment buildings and hotels. I mean just because we don’t count it doesn’t mean that the 13th floor doesn’t exist.

Do you believe that Friday the 13th is bad luck or good luck?

Have a great weekend everyone and enjoy these great posts from around the web.

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1 Jenna, Adaptu Community Manager July 13, 2012 at 12:14 pm

Thanks for mentioning Adaptu! Happy Friday the 13th (I don’t think it’s that scary – especially when it’s sunny and 80 degrees outside!)

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