The Best Travel Deals This Summer

by Kristina on June 13, 2012 · 4 comments

We are now into the month of June and it’s time to start planning our summer vacations. Everyone’s idea of a good time is different and therefore everyone has a different opinion on what exactly makes a great vacation.  It is definitely nice to get away sometimes, travel to a different country, and take a vacation away from our daily routines.  However not everyone needs to leave the country in order to go on vacation. For some people taking a week or two off from work and staying home or sleeping in every day may also be an ideal vacation.

I personally love travelling, I like learning about different cultures and I like visiting new places. But I also definitely have my vacation weeks when I just want to get away from my regular life. I don’t have to travel to a warmer climate, I just have to shut off my telephone and my laptop and disconnect from the world.  Sometimes I take a vacation day from work and take the entire day to do everything and anything that I want to, I consider a day of “me time” as a vacation because it’s a rare occasion when I just do things that make me happy.

What are your vacation plans this summer?

MSN recently released an article titled “Top 10 secret travel deals”. This may be a great source to help you find your next summer travel destination.  There are a few destinations in the United States and Canada as well as various cities throughout Europe and even one in Asia.

Prague, Czech Republic – The Average Hotel Room Price is $106 per night. Prague looks absolutely like a beautiful city. Despite my heritage I have never actually been to Eastern Europe.

Bangkok, Thailand – The Average Hotel Room Price is $80 per night.  Is anyone else thinking about Stu, Allan, Doug, and Phil from The Hangover part 2? All I have to say is “Bangkok has him now.”

Ibiza, Spain – The Average Hotel Room Price is $108 per night.  If you are looking for a great party town with a beautiful picturesque backdrop then Ibiza is the place for your next vacation.

Washington D.C. – The Average Hotel Room Price is $156 per night. When we think of Washington the first thing that pops up into our mind may be “politics”, but the truth is that D.C. is so much more than The White House.

Munich, Germany – The Average Hotel Room Price is $119 per night. Beer and Sausage anyone?

Toronto, Ontario – The Average Hotel Room Price is $96 per night. Shouts out to all of the Canadian DINKS Finance readers. Plus, being so close by, it isn’t nearly as hard to find cheap flights as it may be for international vacations across the seas.

Milan, Italy – The Average Hotel Room Price is $103 per night.  I am still planning a trip to Italy with my friends and I absolutely can’t wait to be enriched with Italian culture, architecture, and food…I am especially looking forward to the food.

Vienna, Austria – The Average Hotel Room Price is $148 per night. I can’t help it but all I can think about when I hear Austria is The Sound of Music.

San Diego, California – The Average Hotel Room Price is $119 per night.  I have been to San Diego and I can attest to the fact that it is totally beautiful…as an added vacation bonus, you can walk to Mexico.

Key West and Fort Lauderdale, Florida – The Average Hotel Room Price is $164 per night in Key West and $85 in Fort Lauderdale.

Photo by Greg OConnell

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1 Sophie June 20, 2012 at 9:56 am

I enjoy reading your blog posts! As for visiting Washington, D.C. – it can be pricey here but there are so many free activites to do. Almost all the museums are free! I was in Italy last year and Milan hotels may not be expensive but everything else was, including food. Mostly because the euro was so much higher than the dollar. Happy summer!

2 Arthur August 27, 2013 at 4:52 pm

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