How Do You Feel About Your Healthcare?

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doctorGood Morning DINKS.  Today we are discussing a very interesting subject that seems to be the topic of many conversations.

Think about the last dinner conversation that you had with family or friends, think about the last topic that you discussed with co-workers at the office water cooler…what topics did you discuss?  Since I consider all of you both my friends as well as my peers, today on DINKS Finance we are discussing healthcare trends as well as tips for living a healthy lifestyle.

Many people have an opinion on healthcare in America.  Whether you feel that healthcare should be a public amenity or a private service, whether you support the federal administrations views on healthcare in America, or whether you feel that healthcare premiums are an expense that you can’t afford, you most likely have some form of an opinion on healthcare.

Living a healthy lifestyle and having a healthcare plan sort of go hand in hand because they complement each other.  One of them helps us stay healthy on a daily basis and the other one protects us in case of a health related emergency and it also covers our regular medicine prescriptions.  Healthcare can include anything and everything related to our physical and mental health such as medical conditions, visits to the dentist, as well as our emotional wellbeing.

In a recent article published on their website, TD Insurance helps readers to take charge of their personal health and their health care coverage.  It is very important for us to take an active role in our healthy living and lifestyle choices such as eating less fried foods, exercising on a regular basis, and eating at least 3 well balanced meals per day.  However an important part of taking charge of our personal health is to make sure that we have health care coverage.  Ensuring that we have the necessary insurance coverage to protect us in case of any medical expenses and emergencies is another way that we can ensure our healthy lifestyle.

Here are some other ways that we can help live a healthy lifestyle:

– Keep a Food Journal.  Sometimes keeping records of everything that we eat can prevent us from consuming foods that aren’t good for us, it can also help lose weight, and maintain a healthy diet and exercise regime.  Keeping a food journal also helps us identify patters in our eating habits and our exercise routines (or lack thereof).

– Prepare for all appointments.  We should always be prepared for appointments to ensure that all of our questions are answered and also ensure that any areas of concerned are addressed. I know that sometimes doctor’s appointments can be overwhelming and we don’t want to forget anything.

– Be honest. If there is one person (other than our priest and our spouse) that we should be honest with, it’s our doctor.  Even if something may not seem important we should always be honest about our lifestyle, experiences, and possible symptoms because it could end up being a very important piece of information that could save our lives.

– Don’t Be Embarrassed.  Trust me when I say that I am extremely private about my personal life (other than writing about it on the web of course) but I am very open with my doctor. Sometimes I am embarrassed about certain things and sometimes I may share a little bit too much information but I always say that it’s better safe than sorry. One time I had a list of recent personal encounters and various symptoms that I thought I had and my GP actually kicked me out because I was “wasting time”.

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