Friday Roundup: Debt, Congress, and The United States of America

by Kristina Tahnyak on August 5, 2011 · 1 comment

Happy Friday DINKS! I know by know you are sick and tired of reading about the Debt Crisis in the United States.  However, for the last few weeks the office water cooler, the internet, and most news channels have been buzzing with details, opinions, and “what if” scenarios about the US Debt Ceiling Crisis.

To end (maybe) one of the most important weeks in US History I thought that it is only appropriate for us to share some of the best posts from around the web about US Congress, the Debt Ceiling Negotiations, and the great country of America.

Were the news reporters and the personal financial bloggers correct? Keep reading to find out. Have a great weekend everyone!

It’s Only Money talks about staying invested during times of economic uncertainty in the post Debt crisis distress? Here’s another reason to leave your retirement portfolios alone. You can follow It’s Only Money on Twitter  @onlymoney.

Weakonomics suggests that the US Government could learn a lot about efficiency from the Dilbert cartoons and its creator Scott Adams in the post Dilbert Creator Using Bad Ideas TO Fix Our Problems. When there is a problem at hand we have to keep things simple. In order to solve a problem we need to start with a small or even a bad idea and work our way up from there.  Follow Weakonomics on Twitter @The_Weakonomist.

Financial Samurai says that Government Officials should not compromise if it means compromising our core values in the post Debt Ceiling Debacle’s Bright Side: Standing Up For What You Believe In. Sometimes disagreeing is for the greater good. Follow Financial Samurai on Twitter @financialsamura.

Monevator advises us to pay attention to the small things in the post Weekend reading: The default drama is in the details.  Monevator is not worried about the crisis in Europe, but he is (not so secretly) worried about a possible US default.  At the time this post was posted online Monevator claimed that to date the default in the US was only a possibility. Although people were panicking, the markets hadn’t actually moved too much.  Follow Monevator on Twitter @Monevator.

MSN Money tells us that a debt default is not the Armageddon in the post Debt ceiling battle: What you should do now.  MSN Money also says that now may be the time to make those safer changes to our investment portfolio that we have been contemplating but not yet made.  Follow MSN Money on Twitter  @SmartSpending.

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1 Financial Samurai August 6, 2011 at 12:06 pm

Gonna be interesting to see if we go through FLASH CRASH #2 this Monday post our S&P credit rating downgrade!

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